The Renaissances of History Have Been Both Spiritual and Scientific. Physics Always Accompanies Conscious Thought in the Subatomic World, and the Occupy Movement, Right Now, All Over the World, Is Causing Chain Reactions in the Orbits of Reality

by Landau Lawrence, M.D. on January 20, 2012

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There come times, even in the droughts of the worst rebellions ever to unfold, that the Creator loans His eyes and ears and heart to sinners lost in their own sadness and madness. Ironies on fallen worlds are many, including that the innocent seem to suffer the most and that prophets and saviors sent into the world receive the worst of blame by the worst of the perpetrators.

The men and women of true goodly worth throughout history have at times been emblazoned on the pages of glory or contrastive infamy, but not always with accurate representation in either case. It is the humble soul who makes the greatest of impact in the world, whether known or obscure. And it is in the blending of science with spirituality that the real keys to our world’s present struggles lie. The 99% movement of today expresses the deepest cries of the world’s peoples in their fight for true justice and a decent life and Spiritualution. A spiritual revolution is the answer.

The Physics of Rebellion (a concept from Gabriel of Urantia's book The Cosmic Family, Volume I) portray the agony of the Creator’s visionaries as they reach with the light of true love into the darkness of selfishness and apathy. On the other hand, Ascension Science (also from The Cosmic Family, Volume I) tries to bring ecstasy in agony’s wake by bringing Divine awareness back to the relations of the physical world to the very soul itself, via scientific equations. Today, in the dawning of the year 2012, let us review some of these equations below, hoping all the while to honor the heart and mind of Gabriel of Urantia while vindicating his and Einstein’s lifelong steadfast loyalty to the Creator and Truth.

In late July 1994 two wondrous and interrelated things happened. First came Comet Shoemaker-Levy penetrating deep into our solar system and then fragmenting into some 21 pieces that all collided with the giant planet Jupiter. And then I received a surprise phone call from Gabriel of Urantia (whom I had met 5 months earlier at a seminar he presented) asking me what I thought about that event. When I confessed that I didn’t have a clue, he shared with me that he had good reason to believe that the comet was in fact a virus that could only get into a solar system that had at least one world in rebellion.

Gabriel of Urantia explained that rebellion can keep a solar system from having the power it needs to deploy the necessary antibodies to overpower and reject the virus. Up to that point in my life, I still thought of biology as mostly organic and astronomy as mostly mechanical, and here an intelligent and intuitive man was telling me that the organic and inorganic are one and the same! Immediately I realized that he was speaking absolute truth to me, and I knew I was being called by the Creator to get geographically close enough to this man to support him, his mission, and his destiny.

Landau Lawrence, M.D.

How many doctors do you think know that it is rebellion that creates a virus and that it is rebellion that allows a virus to get its way with life and go about hurting the living? How many physicists know that at the quantum level both wave-function and particle motion can only be as wholesome and healthy as the minds, souls, and spirits who host and direct them?

How many, if they knew this, would put such awareness into action to help bring ourselves and our world out of rebellion and remedy once and for all the mounting and insufferable mess we all have made of our world? I don’t know, but I’m pretty sure that such saviors are way more likely to come forth from the 99% than they are from the 1%. Therefore, let’s let the 99% know all about Gabriel of Urantia and his universal equations that just happen to apply to both health and disease alike:

1.  Gabriel of Urantia points out that "Thought moves particles."  PS = “Particle symmetry;” S = “Sound;” and FSC = “Formed sub-cell.” In the early 1990s, Gabriel, the musician and father of ascension science, was teaching how thought moves particles to give rise to symmetry in sound, thereby forming sub-cells. Somewhere between 1995 and 1997, astute scientists began to make note of how crop circles must be made from sound. Between 1999 and 2010, scientists the world over were beginning to make the connection between crop circles, fractals, and Cymatics, which literally means “matters relating to waves.”

Notice how these scientists were validating only part of Gabriel’s unifying equation above, their part showing that “Sound = formed sub-cell.” In other words, their statements were subsets of Gabriel’s, which itself was the completion equation of submicroscopic, spiritualized, quantum mechanics. Notice that Einstein’s famous equation of 1905 is also merely a subset of Gabriel’s equation since Einstein’s equation only equates matter and energy while Gabriel’s equation can be shown to equate the whole gamut of physics into one: light, heat, electricity, magnetism, chemistry, energy, and matter!

2.  Gabriel of Urantia points out that there is dio and Deo energy, as there are dio and Deo cells. Dio is distorted energy, and Deo is divine flow energy. Gabriel of Urantia teaches that sub-cells radiate some expression of divine energy at some level. Subatomic sub-cells cannot go backwards, but they can explode and divide and then the resultant dio-bodies can go backwards, a lower transition occurring. Just as souls have lost themselves, so has subatomic reality lost itself.

Gabriel teaches that even in chaos a series of patterns exist in dio-body symmetry, corresponding to error, sin, and iniquity. Scientists today still don’t realize that the so-called dipole moment of atoms, that cause them to wobble, is not a normal occurrence but rather the resultant force upon those atoms by fields of error, sin, and iniquity. Any object made up of atomic particles contains energy in storage. If disturbed, as in the case of impure thoughts, it loses energy.

The same is true of the increasing wobble of the earth in its orbit. Because the mass consciousness of the planet is not spiritualizing its evolution but instead is trapped in rebellion, the orbit of the planet is slowing down, as is the velocity and force potential, and without a Spiritualution, the planet is on the verge of complete self-destruction, literally atomic suicide no less. Even so, do not underestimate the power that a Spiritualution can bring to and through the Occupy Movement, causing a positive chain-reaction in the orbits of reality.

3.  When Einstein looked into the microscope, he saw one main controlling divine pattern, but there are actually three:  the Universal Father, the Eternal Son, and the Infinite (Mother) Spirit. Gabriel of Urantia points out the difference. Einstein’s undivided divine pattern lacked the power of the very differentials that create the Unified Field, which Einstein knew had to exist. Gabriel, on the other hand, explains that the Unity we call Creator divides Itself into Complementary Polarities, which in turn re-unite to create Trinity, whose multiple combinations of relations give rise to all waveforms (spirits) and particle (bodies) in the universe. Further still, Gabriel of Urantia takes the mystery of “three-in-one and as One” directly back to the hearts and minds of every citizen on Earth, saying that the prospects and joy of this ideal threefold Family pattern lies within each and every one of us and is the basis for one United Family of Humankind, which can re-unite with the greater cosmic family in the heavens around us.

4.  In Heisenberg's Theory, whoever looks into the microscope sees what their ascension allows them to see, based on their consciousness. So subatomic reality looks different to different scientists. Another way of saying this is what every first-year medical student is taught: “You see what you know!” But Gabriel of Urantia teaches that seeking knowledge for knowledge’s sake is fruitless unless we first seek to know the True Knower, who happens to be the Creator. And that is why Gabriel and all the other good seed of Earth are seeking to know the will of the Creator. It is the only way to be safe and fruitful.

This theme, which is presented throughout The Cosmic Family, Volumes I and II, is simple, profound, and powerful. It translates into action as every occupant of planet Earth seeking to use his or her talents for the benefit of the group or planet, and not just the self or a capitalist corporation in which the ego is trying to succeed.

Let’s not forget the old adage that “Birds of a feather flock together.” Higher Existence Associates are most likely to come from the 99%, mainly because the 1% is so busy taking and not giving, and worse, oppressing others.

But let’s not forget the mistakes of our past, lest we be doomed to repeat them: talented individuals, not only in centuries past but to this very day, have hired themselves out to evil kings and corporations creating machines, gunpowder devices and artillery, even today’s atomic bombs, fossil fuels and power plants, to help evil tyrants to keep the world in bondage. Fellow Occupants, look through your microscopes of higher consciousness and check out your occupancy. If your livelihood is based in any way, shape, or form upon error, sin, or iniquity, leave it and urge your fellows to leave theirs as well. Replace faith in the Creator over subservience to corrupt unworthy creatures. The meek, whom we protect, know that it is not difficult to be good; for them it is sufficient to do no evil, and the Creator will do the rest.

What does all this have to do with the Occupy Movement? The divine power to make changes has to do with people who know the Creator in a higher-consciousness way. Many come in the name of the Creator, but only a few make real changes in this world. A mass joining of minds and thoughts has been proven to cause changes in weather, when all are thinking of the same thing or trying to accomplish a certain thing.

The Laws of Attraction are working in the Occupy Movement, as people of like mind are now being attracted together. Gabriel of Urantia writes in The Cosmic Family, Volume II that the energy reflective constant is a magnetic attraction between people, and those people working together can promote true global change.

Today’s Spiritualution of our planet, as fathered by Gabriel of Urantia and as well founded-and-grounded by the Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation that he has brought though, has vindicated Einstein’s beliefs. The 99%, according to Gabriel of Urantia, are becoming cosmic family resurrectionists, who are committing themselves together to come against evil and iniquity. Even though the 99% may not use those spiritual terms, there is nonetheless a spiritual law happening.

In the final analysis, there are only two outcomes awaiting the people of planet Earth. Like the quantum paradox called the “Schrodinger Cat Experiment,” the Earth is caught between all-out death and the resurrection orbits of Higher Life. As we have discussed, planetary atomic suicide is already underway, since there is not enough Divine-consciousness prevalent today to even keep the Earth in orbit, much less to ascend it to a higher orbit.

Even so, all is not for naught since Gabriel’s Spiritualution can catalyze the Occupy Movement into divine chain reactions, bringing about higher atomic spins the planet over, thereby catapulting the planet itself into a resurrected and higher orbit of more abundant life and grace. Let the call go forth to all concerned world citizens to abandon the ego, return destiny to the hands of the Creator, and quickly align with all others who are aligning to the Creator.

It is still not too late, and the world and its vast, vast majority of creatures are well, well worth it. We can be the implementers of the ways and means of the Creator. And we, the resurrectionists, can always take comfort and courage in knowing that from Cayce to Einstein to Gabriel of Urantia, the Creator has made His words more accessible to kindred ears. Those kindred ears are the 99%, and I'm talking more about the 99% of the whole planet. 

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Dr. Landau Lawrence, M.D. works for the Soulistic Medical Institute as well as Soulistic Hospice. He is a Vietnam Veteran who served as the Executive Officer to a Medical Holding Company of recovering soldiers wounded in the Vietnam War. He himself was wounded. He also studied physics and mentored under the well-known physicist Ilya Prigogine before going to medical school and then choosing a career in Family Practice. Dr. Lawrence is a student of The Urantia Book and The Cosmic Family volumes. He is married and has 3 children. He lives in an EcoVillage in southern Arizona. 

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