Spiritualution℠ —<br/><span style = "font-variant:small-caps">Justice to the People</span>
Spiritualution℠ —<br/><span style = "font-variant:small-caps">Justice to the People</span>
Spiritualution℠ —<br/><span style = "font-variant:small-caps">Justice to the People</span>
Spiritualution℠ —<br/><span style = "font-variant:small-caps">Justice to the People</span>

Spiritualution℠ —
Justice to the People

A global spiritual-revolution, designed to inspire and influence millions to come out of the system of greed and organized and antiquated religions, and join communities, and grow their own food near a good water source, as Van of Urantia believes in the prophecies of the Hopis, Mayans, Nostradamus, the Prophets of the Old Testament, and the Book of Revelation that speak of the purification of the Earth Mother through drastic climate changes, which he believes are now happening and will continue to worsen.


  • Active dissension against injustices and creating opposition in action
  • Action against corporate corruption, not just hoping and praying for change
  • Developing standards of morality in viewing Hollywood films and independent films and not allowing these films to destroy our minds, and the minds of our children and grandchildren, by not buying these films or going to these movies
  • Resisting evil in all its forms
  • Being kinetic not apathetic, not just observing evil or overlooking it but energetically acting against it. Creating a synergy of resistance
  • Civil disobedience instead of private complaining
  • Not letting any entity impinge upon your freedoms
  • Boycotting all chain stores owned by mega-corporations and products sold by them and buying locally in your neighborhood and supporting your local economy
  • Not just buying organic food (free from toxic chemicals sprayed by corporations), but growing your own gardens and becoming sustainable and self-sufficient without depending upon energy and poisoned sustenance from corporate powers

These Spiritualution points, and more, are just the beginning steps of true spirituality. It's not joining an organized religion or church and falling into the doctrines of man, but listening to the voice of the Creator, as He guides you out of the third-dimensional entrapments and into the fourth-dimensional reality of light and life to come.

The need for unity among believers in the Creator on this confused world is of utmost importance. Throughout the epochs of history, the Creator has given epochal revelation to bring mankind together under the one Creator.

There have been five epochal revelations on the planet in the last 500,000 years—the Fifth being The URANTIA Book and the continuation of it, called The Cosmic Family volumes.

All believers in the Creator as a personality must put away the doctrines of man that separate humanity and come together in the love of the Creator, which is what true religion is all about.

Humanity must begin to expand its consciousness on the vastness of the Creator and the Creator's creation. It is essential now that a Spiritualution take place and we come together in radical unity against religious dogma, fundamentalism, and narrow-mindedness.

We are one planetary family.

— Van of Urantia