We are
change agents.

The Spiritualution℠ — Justice to the People movement welcomes participants of all walks of life, all races, and all creeds. We are Change Agents pioneering the institutional laws and practices necessary to live peacefully in a world without borders.

As Change Agents, we are united by a common mission — to bring peace and unity to this planet — and a collective understanding that we are on this planet not to make money or to participate in the predominant system of greed but to serve God and humanity by bringing into reality the beautiful world we all know is possible.

Our activism is a 24/7 vocation that compels us to live as stewards of the land, to be our brother's and sister's keeper, to uphold morality — truth, beauty, and goodness — no matter the circumstances, and to strive, in all of our moments, to come more fully into the perfect realization of who we are as created beings of a Universal Father.

We invite you to become a part of the movement. Upload your photo to be added to the Change Agent's photo grid and let us know your email so we can send you the latest actions and news from the Spiritualution℠ — Justice to the People movement!