Spiritualution Campaign:

Indigenous Rights

The heart breaking story of indigenous people losing sacred and traditional lands to the importation of corporations can be told by nearly all native populations across the globe. In recognition of the rights of the indgenous to maintain access to and protection of their sacred lands, the Spiritualution℠ movement attends occupation campaigns to keep sacred land safe. The attemps of corporations to steal and plunder these lands is part of a larger issue pertaining to civil rights and equality for Native persons. Our movement calls for policy changes that protect Native rights and increase access to education, healthy food, and health care for Native communities.

Spiritualution Campaign: indigenous-rights
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Apache Stronghold: Protect Sacred Oak Flat

Protect Oak Flats 2017

Oak Flats, Superior Arizona, USA — Feb 18, 2017

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Protect Oak Flats 2015

Oak Flats, Superior Arizona, USA — Jun 01, 2015

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