Spiritualution Campaign:

US/MX Border Justice

Tensions at the United States/Mexico border have been growing for decades, but have become especially taut in recent years due to international policy and immigration laws. The Spiritualution℠ movement stands in solidarity with all those who have lost a friend or family member to incidents resulting from these growing tensions. We stand for a world without borders, where all of humanity is united in a common sense of brotherhood and sisterhood. We have brought our cameras and our activists to publicize events hosted by or in support of Hispanic communities that suffer unjustly in these times of racism and wealth and political disparity.

Spiritualution Campaign: border-justice

Convergence at the Border

Nogales, Arizona, USA — Oct 08, 2016

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Border Vigil Nogales 2015

Nogales, AZ — Oct 10, 2015

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Border Violence Protest 2015

Tucson, Arizona, USA — Apr 01, 2015

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Border Vigil Nogales 2014

Nogales, Arizona, USA — Oct 10, 2014

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Convergence at the Border 2016

by Spiritualution Staff