For us, activism is a lifestyle.

As part of the movement's philosophy that fostering global unity will require paradigmatic shifts integrating spirituality into human culture and institutions, the co-founders of the Spiritualution℠ — Justice to the People movement have pioneered a way to test and see the movement's principles in action. Avalon EcoVillage is a full-functioning microsociety of Change Agents who live and work as volunteers to bring about a Spiritualution on a planetary scale.

Gabriel of Urantia has dedicated his adult life to making the world as it should be — where every man, woman, and child has food, clothing, a home, and work. Not just subsistence-level work, but the tools and means to assist individuals to cultivate their unique gifts, talents, and dreams.

With Niánn Emerson Chase, he has co-founded one of the world's largest sustainable communities and EcoVillages and many other artistic organizations and service programs for humankind. Gabriel of Urantia puts what some might call a "Utopian" vision into ever-expanding, practical application every day. He urges people to leave the system of greed and corruption and learn sustainable living solutions to come out of competition into a new society of cooperation.

His message is for people to start or join communities all across the country. Gabriel feels that community living is a solution to many of today's problems and worsening economy.

Avalon EcoVillage is a haven for artists, musicians, gardeners, builders and change agents from all across the world who have come together to build a higher society and system of living.

We invite you to find out more and learn with us.