Spiritualution Campaign:


From police brutality to unfair working conditions, there are many reasons to take to the streets today with civil disobediance. The Spiritualution℠ movement is a call to all peoples, from all nations, to uphold a value system that respects all persons and creates systems and institutions that can work to provide basic human rights to all. In the modern age, individuals face persecution, racism, and corruption on unprecedented levels. A rallying call can be heard as we march together shouting for peace, crying for justice, and recognizing one another as planetary brothers and sisters.

Spiritualution Campaign: protests

Anaheim Police Brutality Protests

Anaheim, California, USA — Jul 29, 2012

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NATO Protest, Chicago

Chicago, Illinois, USA — May 18, 2012 - May 22, 2012

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Long Beach Port Shutdown

Long Beach, California, USA — Dec 12, 2011

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